A book creating by people’s stories

This book was creating through a “telling room” where youth, especially immigrants could share their stories in a safe space and learn through reflection. Contact the Telling Room in Maine to buy a copy:
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“life and death”

“It reminds you of life’s preciousness,” she said, collecting herself after running with one shoe undone, crying, hysterical, falling. She found out at 1:50pm that her brother had been hospitalized. That he might not make it. At 2pm she had made it from the uber in a sprint to south station. “Please! Please! My phone died I swear I have a ticket!” The driver had heard it all and despite his humanity had to be official. A stranger offered her cash. “I’ll Venmo you!” She mentioned that she had almost missed the bus to retrieve a sci fi book from her apartment. She couldn’t imagine being alone in a hospital without a book.” (excerpt from “a book” a book about books)