“Behold the only thing greater than yourself” -Kunta Kinte’s father said while lifting his newborn to the starlit sky.

“Peace to all, fear of none.”-Mos Def

“A waterfall begins with a single drop.” -The Power of One

The first word traced on Helen Keller’s palm.

The sound of pearls scattering across a wood floor.

“Be.” -Common

“I knew if I didn’t forgive my jailers, I would be imprisoned my whole life.” -Mandela

Einstein had a philosophers club that would talk all night, then climb mountains to see the sunrise.

“Let him without sin cast the first stone.” -Jesus

The pen is mightier than the sword.

War is deceit.

The closest thing to heaven is the feet of your mother.”

“But still, like dust, I’ll rise.” -Maya Angelou

A single drop of innocent blood is more precious than the whole kaaba.


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